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About Us

Smart Nautilus is dedicated to introducing environmentally friendly solutions that assist in the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

Our mission is to provide exceptional expertise in the maritime sector, offering products, services, and solutions that empower vessel operators to take full control of their vessel hull and optimize fleet performance.

Our team of experts is revolutionizing hull inspection with the introduction of a world-leading Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and state-of-the-art Fleet Performance Software.

These technologies offer a professional and immersive underwater operating experience, breaking barriers in the industry and earning recognition for their innovation and functionality.

At Smart Nautilus, we prioritize the importance of the crew in every vessel.

We provide continuous monitoring and training to enhance productivity and safety onboard, ensuring that our customers receive maximum benefit from our solutions.

With over 25 years of combined technical experience, our team of specialists offers workshops and training to crews onboard, enabling operators to achieve safer, greener, and more efficient results and voyages. Our focus on hull inspection, monitoring, and underwater technologies is aimed at optimizing vessel performance and reducing CO2 emissions.


The Industry today

The latest industry developments and new laws and regulations released by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that are impacting the shipping industry advising all active shipping companies to comply with amendments to lower their vessels emissions and to decarbonize their fleet. This is in line with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Ship owners and operators are now focusing on gaining absolute monitoring and inspection control of their vessels to niche areas that were previously not easily accessible or where the time and location was not available to execute such works. Traditional hull inspection procedures and techniques are effective but inefficient. These services typically require specialized crew and equipment mobilization that is both costly and time-consuming.

Accurate and real-time hull data, mechanical diagnostics, and management reports are now commonly used to schedule hull cleaning, prevent unnecessary actions, prepare the vessel for future dry dock periods, and optimize vessel performance. It is a known fact that a vessel with clean and maintained hull fouling results in lower cruising emissions and improved speed.


By complying with these new regulations and adopting advanced monitoring and inspection techniques, shipping companies can not only reduce their environmental impact but also improve the overall efficiency and performance of their fleet. It is important for companies to stay up-to-date with industry developments and be proactive in implementing necessary changes to stay competitive and sustainable in the evolving maritime landscape.

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