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About Us


Smart Nautilus introducing products and Environmental friendly solutions that assisting the decarbonization of shipping industry. 

Established with commitment and aim to delivering exceptional expertise in the maritime sector and to introduce products, services and solutions that support vessel operators to gain absolute control of their vessel hull and to optimise their fleet performance. 

Our team expertise set to revolutionize the way that hull inspection has been executed as of today and introduced a world-leading ROV - (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and a state of the art Fleet Performance Software dedicated to providing a truly professional and immersive underwater operating experience for a wide range of users and industry professionals. The company has broken numerous industrial barriers to establishing a leading market position with its underwater drone and software technologies, proudly garnering various awards for its inattentiveness and functionality. Smart Nautilus aim on bringing to every user and vessel operator the absolute experience on collecting data but also the ability to develop a fleet history and monthly management reports based on accurate and analysed data. 

We strongly believe that crew is the back bone of every vessel and the knowledge of the team can improve the productivity and safety performance on board, we constantly monitor and provide training when practically require in order to raise the appropriate skills and awareness of the crew but also to ensure that our customer receive the outmost of our solutions.

To attain the best results we have recruited top industry specialist that sharing together more than 25 years of active technical experience and we provide upon agreement workshops and training to the crew on board so the operators can secure safer, greener and efficient results and voyages.
Smart Nautilus, focus in hull inspection and monitoring as well as underwater solutions and technologies that aim to optimize the vessel performance and lower the Co2 emissions.

Our proposition can offer the solution long-term for your fleet. 


The Industry today

The industry developments and new laws and regulations released by the IMO, advise all active shipping companies to comply with the amendments to lower their vessels emissions and to decarbonize their fleet. Ship owners and operators focusing nowadays to gain absolute monitoring & inspection control of their vessels to niche areas that as of today was not easily accessible or the time and location was not available to execute such works. Traditional hull inspection procedures and techniques are effective but inefficient, and such services typically require specialized crew and equipment mobilization that is both costly and time-consuming.

Accurate and real time hull data, mechanical diagnostics and management reports are commonly use to schedule hull cleaning, to prevent unnecessary actions or to prepare the vessel for future dry dock period but also to undertake actions that optimize the vessel performance. Its a fact that a vessel with clean and maintained hull fouling resulting in lower cruising emissions and speed.


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- Grow your underwater vision -

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