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Green Ship Solution

- Revolutionize Hull inspection - Optimize Data collection 

 - Advance your fleet Monitoring - Optimize Vessel Performance - Lowering Co2 emissions - Cost efficient voyages


Introducing Green Ship solutions & services

The solution to reduce carbon footprint and lower C02 emissions is here!

Hull inspection & monitoring from A-Z

Our team shared together 25 + years of technical experience and we are ready to undertake the hull maintenance of your fleet.

Monthly management reports  & data access to optimize vessel performance

Our technical team collect and analyze data in order to prepare monthly management reports that support the decision making and the undertaken actions to optimize the vessel peerformance.

Mechanical Services & diagnostics

We monitor and we provide diagnostics and report to the operators based on real and accurate data regarding the mechanical parts & equipment on board.

The market today


With reference the emission figures in mind, maritime industry is working towards reducing its overall environmental impact when it comes to CO2, NOX, and SOX emissions. Guidelines exist to steer this, including the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) ‘Greenhouse Gas strategy’. The strategy envisages a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and pursuing efforts towards 70% by 2050. The strategy also aims to reduce total annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared with 2008. Alongside this, a new EU policy, which published on 14 July, has been designed to cut shipping industry carbon emissions and is predicted to include new policies surrounding the use of fossil fuels, green fuel law for EU shipping and the use of alternative fuels.

One stop shop solution to support operators reducing


Co2 emissions

Smart Nautilus services has been carefully designed and align in order to ensure that operators gain absolute control of their hull and mechanical equipment on board. We offer hull inspections, mechanical diagnostics and monthly management reports based on real and accurate data that has been collected with few simple steps by the crew on board.

The purpose of such solutions and the demand for informative data under one umbrella has been developed from a team of maritime professionals that shared together more than 25 years of technical experience. The team aims to become the top choice for every operator and to assist with the proposed services to a greener future and greener voyages by lowering Co2 emissions. 

We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions that simplify and advance the way that your hull inspected and monitored and our team is ready to assist on your behalf the pre dry dock preparation & dry dock exploitation period of your vessels.

Our software and engineers examine all tests, analysis and diagnostics so the provided management report can become adding value for the operators. 

We design and develop products and solutions that meeting the today's industry requirements and we ensure quality of service in any time we do business.


The ethos and consistency of our team as well as the vision and expertise will definitely exceed your expectations. 

Adding value to your fleet and assist in lowering Co2 emissions by optimizing vessel performance !

Smart Nautilus introducing to operators, services, products and solutions that enabling them to a precise decision making. 

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