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Dive Spot

Product Package

Smart Nautilus Green Ship package has been carefully designed by industry professional for industry professional, to meet the expectations and requirements regarding hull inspection, monitoring, data collection and analysis of any inspected spot and to prepare monthly management reports revised by our hull specialist. 

The ROV and software can become adding value for your fleet and enabling access to operators with real pictures, videos and analysis that support future actions and planning.

The drone operation made easy and can be done by the crew on board with a simple training.

With our basic training and on going support the crew can access unlimited control underwater anytime and in any place and can collect data that support the vessel performance optimization.



ROV - Underwater Drone

To collect high resolution images, videos and information we developed our ROV with the latest technology features and accessories that enabling unlimited access to user underwater.


If you like to know more about our ROV and the advantages of choosing such solution contact one of our sales member today.


Smart Nautilus R&D team works to introduce new features and accessories that will offer additional assistance, information, and efficiency to our users. 

The Software

Our state-of-the-art software has been successfully integrated with our ROV in order to store encrypted all collected data for every dive you undertake.  

The crew on board can perform as many dives and inspections as they require without limitations. After every dive, and few simple steps all data are imported in the software for operators reference and also for management reports preparation.

Know the hull condition of your vessels anytime and in any place and create full hull history for your fleet. 


Ongoing Training

To ensure that our products and services are effective and efficient for the users we developed a training scheme and workshops that aim to raise the crew awareness about the hull.

Our trainers share together 25 years of technical experience and specialized in the hull and mechanical areas.


Smart Nautilus offers, upon agreement with the vessel owner, professional training and certification to  ensure that the crew is proficient in hull knowledge.  

Once the crew is trained and certified the vessel owner and operators will gain the advantage of a fully productive and professionally oriented crew. 

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