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Smart Nautilus

| Revolutionize Hull inspection - Optimize Data collection |

| Advance your Monitoring - Vessel Performance Optimization |

Our core values

  • We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions that simplify and advance the way that your hull inspected and monitored.  

  • Our solutions enabling crew to gain absolute control underwater anytime and anywhere and to collect real and accurate data that will be analyze from our technical team in order to prepare a management report.

  • Such information and analysis of the final report support operators in future decisions and actions that consequently save time and money. 

  • Simple and efficient functionality.

  • On going crew training and support.

  • After sale technical support.

  • Outstanding R&D team that works to introduce always the best available options, features and solutions.

  • Smart Nautilus designs and develop products and solutions that meeting the today's industry requirements and ensure quality of service in any time we do business.


The ethos, the expertise & the consistency of our team will definitely exceed your expectations. 



''We add value to your fleet and assist in vessel performance optimization''

Smart Nautilus introducing services, products and solutions that assist vessel operators to collect accurate data and to receive managerial monthly reports that support any future decisions. 

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