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Experience Smart Nautilus solutions and optimize your fleet performance.

Join the amazing underwater world with Smart Nautilus and gain unlimited access to monthly management reports and vessels analytics.

The only user-friendly ROV and software in the industry that creates hull history for your fleet.
| Hull inspection & Monitoring | Accurate and encrypted data collection | 
| Enabling unlimited access to Management reports | Professional ongoing training|

Smart Nautilus team meticulously designs products, solutions and services for industry professionals.

The aim is to reinvent the process of hull inspection and monitoring and to assist in vessel performance optimization.

Our Mission

To become the top choice specialist in hull inspection and monitoring, and to introduce products, solutions and services that assist the industry professionals to become more efficient and effective while enabling access in hull areas that are not easily accessible today.


Our Vision

To reinvent the way that vessel hull has been inspected and monitor and to enable owners and operators to data access and monthly management reports that will support future decision making.

The prospect of our solutions, our products and services are contributing in reducing Co2 emissions and fleet fuel consumption in the long term.


Our state-of-the-art package including the ROV & FPM software developed to collect, to store and to analyse hull and mechanical data securely and enable owners & operators with access to monthly management reports and fleet analytics  anywhere and anytime.



Who are we
Cargo Ship at Sea

Why Smart Nautilus

Hull inspection and monitoring is now possible with just few simple steps. 

Crew gain complete and absolute control underwater anytime and in any location even to areas that is not easily accessible today.

The hull collected data can be transmitted via simple steps to the software and our hull specialist will examine analysis to prepare the management reports.

Cost Effective & Time Efficient

Smart Nautilus products, services & solutions aiming to assist in fleet hull monitoring and performance optimization. The scope is to assist operators to gain access to hull real time data that to support future decision making. 

With simple and smart operation the user / crew can do as many dives as require with the ROV and can collect high resolution pictures and videos for future reference and analysis from our hull specialist. 

cost effective underwater drones
underwater control

"The smartest underwater solution 
in the market"

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